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Best Minecraft Anarchy Server [AVAS] - Minecraft Anarchy
- What does it take to create an object that travels at 1% the speed of light?

AVAS.cc is a Minecraft Anarchy Server like 2b2t. It runs on 1.18.2, but you can join from any version newer than 1.8. It is a Java-only server. It prides itself on lack of anticheat, almost nonexistant lag, active developers, and most importantly, trying to maintain a vanilla environment that's still playable. In our review, it does all of the things it claims to, with a few caveats.

While being vanilla in itself is not an achievement, it is absolutely astonishing to see it done in an anarchy environment. Most Minecraft Anarchy Servers like 2b2t have to sacrifice major freedom in order to maintain a stable environment. AVAS doesn't have to do that. Instead of an anticheat, they implement a speed limiter. The speed limit of 36 blocks per second is more than reasonable, and allows you to travel faster than if you were on an Elytra.

The caveats of a truly vanilla anarchy server

True vanilla isn't possible to implement on an anarchy server. Period. Without any plugins, laggers, spammers, and exploiteers would be rampant. For this reason, AVAS does use limited plugins to prevent these things. However, almost every patch or decision is ran through the playerbase via a vote. As it stands right now, the following non-vanilla measures are in place:

  • A speed limiter to 36 blocks per second (but no limit in the Nether)
  • A vote dupe system in order to maintain player count and to maintain a somewhat stable economy
  • An anti-spam & mute system that is loosened for donors (the server administrators do not view chat as part of gameplay)
  • A mob limiter for bees and withers

Best Minecraft Anarchy Server [AVAS] - Minecraft Anarchy
-Admin interaction on AVAS

The picture above was provided by an AVAS regular that goes by the name nossravgni. It shows one of the two server administrators on AVAS inspecting an absolutely stunning map art that nossravgni had created. This is just one of many examples of amazing player creations seen on AVAS.

What makes AVAS the best Minecraft Anarchy Server like 2b2t?

AVAS absolutely blew us away when we reviewed it. The amount of admin interaction and responsiveness to the community was beyond anything we'd ever seen before.

Additionally, the creativity of the playerbase is astounding. When a dupe is prevalent in this kind of environment, people make very creative builds and the like. Hundreds of map arts, quite a few major statues, even in the spawn area, which is a feat in it of itself. This server was the first to update to 1.18, and the roof has already been raised to the new height limit of 384.

Overall, AVAS is one of the best Minecraft Anarchy Servers like 2b2t to play in 2022. The community, admins, and freedom are unmatched. It's a Java-only server, and you can play on it with any version newer than 1.8. The IP is avas.cc. Alternatively, you can join the Discord.

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