2b2t Megabase Destroyed by Girlfriend

DonFuer 25 render - main image

The prominent building group "DonFuer" recently experienced a leak of their base coordinates for "DonFuer 25", one of the largest cities ever built on the server. The city was on the verge of breaking the record for the biggest city on 2b2t before it was griefed. The coordinates were made public on November 18th, 2022, reportedly due to an anonymous player's neglect of his girlfriend while focusing on the southern canal attacks.

The anonymous player's girlfriend contacted multiple griefing groups on the server through Discord, but interestingly, the griefing was not carried out by those groups. Instead, the builders themselves executed the destruction, a common tactic employed when a building group's coordinates are leaked on anarchy servers. This approach is frequently used on smaller servers such as avas.cc, a modern anarchy server supporting versions 1.9-1.19.

This incident mirrors a similar event on the aforementioned server, in which the girlfriend of the leader of "Prism.inc" leaked their base coordinates. As a result, the group destroyed everything they had built over the course of three months. The construction of DonFuer 26 has not been confirmed, but given the group's consistency, it is likely to be underway or even completed between July and August 2023.

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